TR MR Fire Water 5792RET
LT Wyoming Wind 4020 Pld
Thomas Oahe Wind 0772ET
Thomas Ms Camelot 5646
LHD Cigar E46
Thomas Ms Bonanza 8698

Progeny and grand-progeny are at the top of every Charolais show and sale in the nation. Think of the smokeys he could sire. Smooth, Double Polled

Performance Data:
Birth Weight: 95Weight: 2100
Adj. 205 Weight: 782
Adj. 365 Weight: 1448Mature Frame Score: 5.9
Scrotal Circumference: 47 cmBorn: 03-17-2005
American International Charolais Association Fall 2014

Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) - The prediction of how future progeny of each animal are expected to perform relative to the progeny of other animals listed in the database. EPDs are expressed in units of measure for the trait, plus or minus.
Accuracy (ACC) - The reliability that can be placed on the EPD. An accuracy of close to 1.0 indicates higher reliability. Accuracy is impacted by the number of progeny and ancestral records included in the analysis.

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