S A V Bismark 5682
G D A R Traveler 044
G A R Grid Maker
G A R Precision 2536
Schoenes Fix It 826
S A V Abigale 0451
S A V Abigale 6062

Bismark has become the premiere calving ease option to add style, muscle and muscle excellence. This highly proven sire offers multi-trait excellence that has resulted in high consumer satisfaction, keeping Bismark at or near the top of the Genex sales list for multiple years. No other bull in the Angus database offers such a highly proven combination of sleep at night calving ease, adequate growth, high ribeye area and $w; Bismark covers the bases.

Performance Data:
Birth Weight: 76Weight: 2302
Adj. 205 Weight: 884
Adj. 365 Weight: 1596Mature Frame Score: 6.0
Scrotal Circumference: 40 cmBorn: 02-01-2005

Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) - The prediction of how future progeny of each animal are expected to perform relative to the progeny of other animals listed in the database. EPDs are expressed in units of measure for the trait, plus or minus.
Accuracy (ACC) - The reliability that can be placed on the EPD. An accuracy of close to 1.0 indicates higher reliability. Accuracy is impacted by the number of progeny and ancestral records included in the analysis.

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