Kesslers Frontman R001
Connealy Forefront
Connealy Front Page 0228
Ebony Lit Of Conanga 840
TC Rancher 056
Kesslers Bell 0024
Keeslers Bell 8055

Progeny display a 'go to' combination of calving ease, muscle and overall phenotype. High accuracy Calving Ease combined with solid performance & maternal traits. moderate & heavy muscled with excellent feet & legs. Unique pedigree, top 20% feed efficiency genetics and outstanding phenotype will complement a wide array of females. Daughters are big in volume and easy fleshing posting an average nursing ratio of 103

Performance Data:
Birth Weight: 77Weight: 2360
Adj. 205 Weight: 799
Adj. 365 Weight: 1353
Scrotal Circumference: 43 cmBorn: 01-01-2005

Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) - The prediction of how future progeny of each animal are expected to perform relative to the progeny of other animals listed in the database. EPDs are expressed in units of measure for the trait, plus or minus.
Accuracy (ACC) - The reliability that can be placed on the EPD. An accuracy of close to 1.0 indicates higher reliability. Accuracy is impacted by the number of progeny and ancestral records included in the analysis.

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